Darkness James Bond fight: operation Skyfall.

We cannot miss fact that James Bond celebrated 50-year Anniversary and new one movie were made for us. Most interesting fact is that James Bond movie company MGM was almost bankrupted and we could not see this new one movie at all.  

Movie “Skyfall” is third one with Daniel Craig as a James Bond. 

James Bond Skyfall

Many of critics were skeptical on this actor that he remains to be James Bond but he was able to deliver us more aggressive and realistic special agent image.

There may be people who like other actor as a James Bond but movies as a “Casino Royale”, “Quantum of Solace” brought Daniel Craig success and no one left careless about this new James Bond.

“Skyfall” movie is the most darkness James Bond movie in the history and more action and secrets are revealed in this movie as never were done before.

Interesting Fact: “Skyfall” movie was the first one James Bond movie released in IMAX cinemas, it was definitely worth to see it on big IMAX screen.

“Skyfall” worst James Bond enemy “Oscar” winner Javier Bardem. 

Skyfall Javier Bardem

As a tradition James Bond travels all over the world. “Skyfall” film was created in England, Scotland, China, Turkey.

At the end of October 2015, the 24th James Bond film, Spectre, enjoyed its global premiere.

James Bond movie

Following the massive success of Skyfall, hopes were understandably high for Spectre, and it quickly notched up some strong – and not so strong – reviews. Originally rumoured to be the first of a two-part story (with a suggestion that it be filmed back to back with James Bond 25), Spectre would prove to be a big box office hit too. As Bond drove off into the sunset at the end of the film, the next adventure was surely an inevitability.

The last and most interesting James Bond movie is “Spectre”. Movie was released at the end of October 2015. As we had massive success in whole world with James Bond movie “Skyfall” we do not fail to think that new one James Bond “Spectre” movie will be more interesting and exciting. 

As we had heard some rumours that “Spectre” will be a part of 2 film, but the end of this new one James Bond film follow us to unknown path, as we do not know will James Bond return to us, will it be Daniel Craig, or we will see another one 007.

We could remember many times when there were4 films with certain actor as a 007 and actor were changed so do we will see this again, no one knows.

Daniel Craic must be the most successful 007 in whole James Bond history as a money making machine. “Quantum of Solace „ film brought company more than 500 million profit what forced to do something more exciting.

James Bond movie


As we waited new one James bond film  “Skyfall” MGM company had some financial problems and there could be that we were unable to see new 007 movies but thanks good all went ok and we see a stunning “Skyfall” success. 

No one knows that last one James Bond film “Spectre” we made in a rush and last scenes cuts were made night before first time movie was shown. 

No one knows why this was done in a such a rush but this film made more than 900 million dollars’ profit and it is second most profitable James Bond movie in whole history. 

What we know right now is that next one James Bond movie will be as anew director movie, and Sam Mendes will not direct new film.

We do really believe that now we will have 3-year gap between next one James Bond film to get some time for new 007 story line, making film, taking actors and etc. 

“Spectre” left James Bond in an air, when 007 don’t know what he want to do, how to work and live, maybe time to let anyone else to defend Queen and whole world?

James Bond movie


James Bond movies list:

  • "Dr. No" 1962 year.
  • "From Russia with Love" 1963 year.
  • "Goldfinger" 1964 year.
  • "Thunderball" 1965 year.
  • "Casino Royale" 1967 year.
  • "You Only Live Twice" 1967 year.
  • "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" 1969 year.
  • "Diamonds are Forever" 1971 year.
  • "Live and Let Die" 1973 year.
  • "The Man with the Golden Gun" 1974 year.
  • "The Spy Who Loved Me" 1977 year.
  • "Moonraker" 1979 year.
  • "For your eyes only" 1981 year.
  • "Octopussy" 1983 year.
  • "Never say never again" 1983 year.
  • "A view to a kill" 1985 year.
  • "The living daylights" 1987 year.
  • "License to kill" 1989 year.
  • "GoldenEye" 1995  year.
  • "Tomorrow never dies" 1997 year.
  • "The world is not enough" 1999 year.
  • "Die another day" 2002 year.
  • "Casino Royale" 2006 year.
  • "Quantum of solace" 2008 year.
  • "Skyfall" 2012 year.
  • "Spectre" 2015 year.

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