James Bond martini

Why James Bond drinks only shaken not stirred “Martini”.

Answer is simple as ice. James Bond don’t have time to wait until “Martini” will chill.

What first cocktail or drink you see when you think about James Bond, Of course it is “Martini”.

Time do not change this view when James Bond holds glass of martini in his hand and charms women near him.

No one knows what kind of martini likes James Bond is it dry or sweet let it keep secret as it is.

Many of drinks were show on movies like champagne, beer, cocktails and even not alcoholic drinks.

We all remember phrase that keep follows every James Bond movie “shake not mix”.  He simple do not has time to wait cocktail chills and we can see it in “Casino Royale” when waiter ask James Bond about cocktail preparation and he answer “I do not care”. Sure, Bond do not care as he doesn’t have time for it, he needs to save Queen and whole world.