James Bond enemies

James Bond always rive only the best car and use the one gadgets we can even imagine.  James Bond always wear the best outfits and feel love of a stunning women in bed.  Speaking in short James Bond during 50 year never fall back from time where people live, most time even James Bond shows standards people should follow and seek.

Does James Bond movies were interesting as it is if 007 would be fighting versus idiots and losers. I think not. Every time James Bond meets evil guy who are more advanced and more interesting personality than 007, but James Bond is a hero, so hero must win any time.

Many movies of James Bond were made when enemy are from Socialistic republics, or maybe post Socialistic republics.  Movie “Dr. No” 1962 year was made in cold war time and there was Cuban Missile Crisis. During movie was shown on big screen world was on nuclear war step it need just a small sparkle to start war. As we can see back 50 year ago, we see that “Dr. No” had story same as a situation was on a real world, story was almost same as it was real one.

The fact what should be mentioned is during 1960 -1970 year 007 never was at war with Soviet Union KGB agents, evil agents always were working by themselves, or even speaking, we are no country spies and we war against anyone we like to.

All KGB agents on James Bond movies were switch into some stunning evil personages.

This strange situation changes during 1980 -1990 year when James Bond movies start to admit that many of evil personages are from Russia. Movies like “Octopussy” 1983 year general Orlov and Koskov start campaign against 007 and whole world when they feel that Soviet Russian can fall apart.

At last 007 start fight against Russian spies directly after 1995 when Soviet Union falls apart.  During movie “GoldenEye” 1995 year James Bond face Russian defense minister Dmitri Mishkin and that moment minister are just part of enemy game, already not a main evil character.

The most interesting evil character from all time James Bond movies were “Jaws”. Actor Richard Dawson Kiel filmed as an evil character “Jaws” in film “The Spy Who Loved Me” 1977 year. This character was real evil to face 007.

During 1990 -200 year James Bond, evil personages changed from KGB agents into new era bad characters who are interested in cybernetics attacks and espionage. Such a change of 007 enemies brought us some new weather we were waiting for. Now 007 enemy are business man who works with corporation every day and you are not allowed to smash his face just you see him, you need to find out what he up to before 007 can make shoot.

Mega corporation head fight versus 007 was followed and 1997 movie “Tomorrow Never Dies”.  Situation is kind of fun and silly but still 007 needs to fight versus company head to protect country and whole world.

At last James Bond movie 2002 “Die Another Day” took problems that whole world see but do not speaks about it. It is oil business dirty money and evil personages who rules whole business.

Last but not the worst problems came out after September 11. This is new one James Bond movie line that we keep follow and almost all movies keep following this line right now.

Fact we should mention, that James Bond went to North Korea only 15 years ago, so you can imagine how strong fight this country versus West world that even movie creators cannot breach that shadow.

All James Bond movies speaks story about our days problems, and all evil characters in James Bond movies can be found in real life, you just need follow press and you will find real persons who was transferred in 007 enemy.