James Bonds weapons

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“Live and Let Die” 1973 year James Bond first time on a movie comes with Roger Moore.

This new one James Bond proudly takes standard 007 weapon “Walther PPK”.

James Bond

May you know or not but 007 do not use this weapon on this film at all, and I think it is pity. On other hand, he uses CIA weapon “Smith & Wesson Model 29”.

James Bond weapon “Smith & Wesson Model 29”

“Smith & Wesson Model 29” is revolver made 1956- 1999 year on United States. This weapon is .357 caliber Magnum. Length of barrel is 6.35 cm. Can be made 6 shots from single magazine.

Another movie when James Bond again gets not PPK but “Beretta Model 70” is “The Spy Who Loved Me” 1977.  On big screen, we can see full action of “Sterling L2A3” weapon.

James Bond weapon

“Sterling L2A3” weapon made by Great Britain from 1953- 1988 year. 9*19mm caliber. Weight of weapon is 2.7 kg. Whole length of weapon is 68.6 cm. Can be used up to 34 shots from one magazine. Fully automatically weapon. Bets range of action less 200 meters. Shooting time is 550 shots per minute.

James Bond movie “Moonraker” 1958 year happens strange thing.

007 picks weapon not for a kill but for fun. He goes into hunting for fazan, but situation comes to same as always, there is sniper in the woods, and James Bond takes him out in single shoot with “Holland & Holland Royal” weapon.

James Bond weapon

James Bond movie “Octopussy” 1983 year situation same as before, no one gives 007 his truth passion PPK and he needs to use “P5”. Story are simple as a world, creators of movie intended to please “Walther” manufacturers who were rolling new one commercial campaign of new weapon.

James bond movie “Never Say Never Again” 1983 year with Sean Connery 007 waling with “P5” again.

“Walther P5” manufactures in 1977 year. First made for West Germany police officers. 9*19 mm caliber. It is very accurate weapon as barrel do not move aside but moves backward so it makes shoots more accurate.

007 moves into palace of prince Kamal, kills one of security guy and overtakes “SA Vz. 58V” automatic weapon.

“SA Vz. 58V” automatic weapon was made by Czech Republic 1959-1984 year. 7.62*39 mm M43 caliber. Can be made 30 shoots from one magazine. Half automatic weapon. From sight, it is very likeful to AK. Very long range of accurate shooting 800 meters.  Over 25 manufacturing years were made over 920000 weapons.

One of most interesting weapon James Bond used on movie was “Mossberg 500” used on “A View to a Kill” 1985. This weapon was made by “O.F.Mossberg & Sons”. Weapon was pump action ready with salt, that was so surprising for 007. As always it was done by 007 women.

James Bond weapon "Good old PPK"

“Walther PPK”.

Weight of weapon only 590 g. Can be used 7-1 shoots from one magazine. Weapon series comes with Walther PP, PPK, PPK/S and PPK/E. PPK manufactured from 1931 year. What is really interesting this model still are manufactured only by “Smith & Wesson”. These days this weapon is still popular on MI5, United States and Europe police forces.  “Walther PPK” is same as James Bond 007.

James Bond movie “Dr. No” 1962 year shortly we see “FN Browning Model 1910”.

There should be same PPT but movie producers were unable to find weapon with silencer so they used “FN Browning Model 1910”.

James Bond movie “From Russia with Love” 1963 year Sean Connery still walks with PPK.  As time comes for a kill 007 use “Armalite AR-7”.

Armalite AR-7” weapon manufactured in 1958 year and founded by Eugene Stoner (he invented M-16).  This weapon joined United States of America Air Forces. 5.6 mm caliber. Weight of weapon is 1.13 kg. Standard can be used 8 shoots from one magazine. Most efficiently fire range is 300 meters. This weapon is very useful in hunting.

Thing to mention, that during phot session of movie “From Russia with Love” 1963 year Sean Connery hold air soft weapon “Walther LP-53” as photographer could not find any of real PPK.

James Bond movie “Goldfinger” 1964 year director do mistakes and again 007 uses “Walther P38” when he should be using PPK.

James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice” 1967 year again uses “Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless” when he should be using PPK.

The strangest this is that James Bond weapon PPK whole time when 007 is on royal spy agency not ever shot a single shot. Strange and interesting as always on photo 007 was with PPK, but on real action were used others weapons.

Rare time when James Bond use sniper rifle was “The Living Daylights” 1987 year movie when Timothy Dalton uses “Walther WA2000” to take out KGB spy weapon.

“Walther WA2000” weapon was manufacture 1982 -1988 years. It was very expensive manufacturing and eventually were made only 176 weapons. This weapon is rare. Weight of weapon is 6.95 kg. 7.62*51 m. NATO caliber. Can be shoot 6 shots from one magazine.  Maximum range of shoot can be 1000 meters. Optic is “Schmidt & Bender” 2.5” and 10x.

During movie “The Living Daylights” James Bond uses automatically weapon AKMS- 7.62 mm. It is modernized AK.

Preparing for missions on this film 007 was offered and “Taurus PT92”, just in case.

As we start see new one James Bond with actor Pierce Brosnan “GoldenEye” 1995 year movie he gladly start using AKS 74 U weapon. It is fully automatic weapon.

AKS 74 U means shortened. Weapon was manufactured in 1979 year of Soviet Union. It was made to be in middle of pistols and automatically weapons.

Weight ow weapon is 2.7 kg. 5.45*39 mm. caliber. Can be shot 30 or 45 shots on single time from one magazine. Can be used 100 bullet special magazine. Maximum range of shoot is 1000 meters.

James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” uses almost most weapons in single movie ever.

This movie is special in one way, 007 moves from “PPK” to “Walther P99”. From now one this weapon will be main James Bond weapon.

“Walther P99” was manufactured to replace “P5” and “P88”. Firstly, manufactured for mass production was on 1998 year. This weapon still on action by Germany police. 9*19 caliber. Weight of weapon is 630 g. maximum effective shooting range is 60 meters. 16 shoots on magazine.

During this movie into scenes 007 acting with modificated “Armalite AR-18” automatic weapon. He is shooting not happy at all, as weapon weight is 3 kg. Most accurate shooting range is only 460 meters. Later 007 uses “Heckler & Koch P7 PSP” weapon. 9*19 mm caliber. Firstly, manufactured in 1972 year during Munchen Olympic games. This weapon was produced till 2008 year.

Same movie James Bond use “Heckler & Koch MP5”.  This weapon is 9 mm pistol. He was manufactured by Germany engineers in 1966 year. This weapon is the most used all over the world right now. He has 15 or 30 rounds magazine. Weapon weight is 2.5 kg. Effective shooting range is 200 meters.

James Bond movie “The World Is Not Enough” 1999 year weapon “P99” officially becomes 007 main weapon and replace “PPK”.

At the beginning of movie James Bond use “M1911A1” pistol. This weapon was used in USA army from 1911 and till 1985 year. Weight of weapon 1.12 kg. 11.43*23 mm. caliber. This weapon shoots 20 -30 round son movies when weapon magazine holds only 7 bullets.

Weapon which really could suit for Hollywood movies would be James Bond pistol “Steyr TMP” as this pistol magazine holds up to 30 bullets of 9*19 mm. caliber.

This would be whole story of James Bond weapons.

07 used more weapons but we were able to introduce you with some most interesting. If you think, that some weapon should be introduced into this list, please contact us on Facebook and we will gladly add to.