James Bond phenomen- or in other words, why James Bond are so popular 50 years either Star Wars have fallen behind.

There is James Bond movies where M speaks about 006 or 005 but always comes 007 and save the world.

Already 50 years James Bond 007 saves England and the quin and off course whole world with his empathy and strength to win versus evil.

James Bond 50 year phenomenom

As I mentioned before Star Wars have fallen behind James Bond and what was the real reason to happen like that? Main reason is that James Bond has something we all would like to be a once in a life and we are seeking to feel that feeling at least in a movie.

How many James Bond movies will be more, no one knows but I know one for sure, that franchise will keep follow work on new movies every one or two years.

Main reason movies came to life were Ian Fleming books about James Bond, but not a single book came so popular as a movie are.

Is it actors makes movies so fantastic, I really doubt on it because every actor which are playing James Bond knows that he will be doing in only couple times and then his time will pass and he will need to work with other movies as it may be hard. Hard in that reason many people will remember you as a James Bond, and we all know James Bond do not act as a nannie or comic. 

What makes James Bond movie so fantastic?

  • Actors;
  • Superior M;
  • Supplier Q;
  • James Bond assistant, woman or not;
  • The bad man;
  • The bad man assistant.

James Bond Girls

Either James Bond comes so popular as a movie structure are interesting:

  • “Gun “scene;
  • Scene before start;
  • Intro of movie;
  • Bond and M;
  • Bond and mister Bad man meats each other;
  • Bond and women meeting;
  • Bond and mister Bad man conflict;
  • Bond and women captured b mister Bad man;
  • Torture;
  • Escape and fight with Mister Bad man assistant;
  • James Bond fight with Mister Bad man and saving women;
  • James Bond reward in women hug.

James Bond Mister Bad man is bad not only from inside with bad ideas, but he is bad and from his nature and view. Most of time James Bond movie come to same that Mister Bad man fortifies in some island or hard reaching place or palace and James Bond need to find our way to sneak in or breach in.

James Bond Bad arse

How can James Bond destroy Mister Bad man if he fortifies in Island or under water?

That’s right James Bond need help from Q. Q has many useful and created items only for that mission only for that part of movie.  Q is a tale which who will lead tale main personage to right direction and give him some tool to destroy Mister Bad man.

What’s in James Bond. Right, Bond assistant as Q are not assistant he is only helper. Many of movies the real James Bond assistant comes to be a woman. She helps him directly or gives James Bond a night of passion and se which help him to reach enemy and break enemy fortress. 

Many movies of James Bond assistant women help James Bond or whole world from destroying as women press the right button or comes to right place to do some mission that will save them all. 

There was helper as a e CIA agent Felix Laiter, but he shows not in all James Bond movies.

Many times, James Bond are not killed instantly, Mister Bad man try to overtake James Bond loyalty to M and try to get James Bond to the dark side but as we all know all comes to the end and James Bond save the world again. 

How James Bond saves the world every time?

James Bond saves the world

Either helps assistant women as I mentioned before or it helps Q some invention.

All this structure is part of legendary James Bond 007 movie and you simple cannot throw it out. If you will do it some part will be missing and you will know that this part is missing.

Let dive in and see why that James Bond phenomen are so interesting:

All tales has own main personage and at a start of tale we do not know nothing about that personage. Same are here, what do you know about James Bond.  We know nothing about 007.  We do not know who is his parents, we do not know what University James Bond has finished, how many women he had, or when he lost his virginity and with what women.

Every James Bond movie we just have 007 and he has his own tale history.  James Bond are not ideal part of our society he is something we all want to be but he is forbidden and so far from us. James Bond drinks “Martini”, he smokes, he changes women as fast as he can, he is MACHO.

Why James Bond is not a tale if it follows tale structure?

James Bond every time seduce women and leave her in her bed, there won’t be any marriage or any other love scenes.

James Bond movie are TALE from big letter and we will follow that tale many times and hope we will see James Bond 100-year anniversary. As I will be very old but I very hope to see it, it would be my dream. Hope and yours too.